The Watarrka Foundation is honoured and grateful for a generous donation pledge by Norway based children’s book author and journalist, Jan Lillefjære. Jan is kindly donating all proceeds from the sale of a series of five children’s books and related merchandise. The series of books have also been dedicated to the children of Watarrka. The first book was published this month by Emsa Publishing and is titled Åse and the Honeybees.

Jan’s generosity extends from his deep desire to support causes that he admires and believes in. Building links between the value of storytelling and the future of the Watarrka children are also important to him. He told us:

I wish to give my time to the Foundation because I want to support a cause  that I admire and believe in, and I want to help in some way. I wish to use what  I have to help others. My way of helping will be through my book writing  projects. It makes me feel happy and fulfilled to know that I can do something, to assist the Foundation.

About the Author

Jan Lillefjære is a creative and multi-disciplinary author. In addition to writing children’s stories, Jan is also in the process of creating a books of poetry and fantasy novelette. He is an avid collaborator, often engaging with other creatives to develop audio books,  animated short films and even children‘s colouring in books.  Jan’s passion for writing stems from his childhood in Norway and this continues to guide his work every day. 

As stated on his personal website

I was born into a warm Scandinavian summer which is one of the inspirations for my writing. I do not remember a day from my childhood in Lofoten when I wasn’t writing, drawing or painting, and now it is my hope to create the world that I see through my writing. Through the magic of the Internet I can share these stories with all of you.”

Åse and the Honeybees

Åse and the Honeybees is the first of a series of books dedicated to the children of Watarrka. The book was beautifully illustrated by the talented Joanna Pasek and translated by Cecilia Heimgård. This book follows the tale of a curious bear in search for honey.

Åse the bear goes out in search of some honey. She discovers a honeybee hive at the top of a tall tree in the middle of the forest. When Åse decides to climb the tree to reach the honey she meets some unexpected consequences!

Åse and the Honeybees and the remaining four books will be available in print and audio. The audio books are in the process of being developed in collaboration with the brilliant Barry Bevis who lives in Melbourne. It is expected that the second book will be released later this month and the final three in the new year.

To purchase a copy of Åse and the Honeybees, visit the Online store here.

Other work by Jan Lillefjære

Jan has developed a rich and varied collection of children’s stories. Featured below are two stories we felt drawn to as they are based in our very own backyard!

Kakadu is a new adventure story for children, set in Kakadu National Park, in the Northern Territory of Australia. Matylda Goes On A Walkabout is a collection of stories for children. You can listen to the audio book of this story here. Jan also has a small collection of stories in audio format available online here.

The Watarrka Foundation would like to say a big thank you to Jan Lillefjære and his team for this generous support of the Foundation. Their support is invaluable as we continue on our journey towards creating a thriving, independent and self-reliant community in the Watarrka region.

To find out more about Jan Lillefjære, visit his website here.

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